Intervisual Team

George Borshukov

Co-founder & CEO

George founded Intervisual Corp. in 2015 after six years as chief technology officer of Embodee Corp., where he developed a unique process for creating and modeling 3D digital apparel. His work built upon technical innovations that he led for the motion picture and interactive entertainment industries.

As director of creative research and development at Electronic Arts, George set new standards for facial capture, animation, and rendering. He also fostered innovation in high-fidelity graphics and new forms of interactivity, including 3D camera-based gestural interfaces.

Working at Warner Bros. as a technical designer for The Matrix film’s famous Bullet Time sequences, George developed image-based virtual cinematography for replicating film sets and locations. Those sequences captivated audiences and were crucial in The Matrix winning the 1999 Oscar for Best Visual Effects. He also received two Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievement for his pioneering technical work on all three Matrix films.

George has a Master of Science degree from the University of California at Berkeley’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Isabelle Haulin

Co-founder & VP of Research & Development

Early in her career, Isabelle saw the potential for high-quality 3D imagery to accurately determine the look and fit of apparel. Working for the French visual effects innovator BUF Compagnie, she was a major contributor to development of the firm’s animation software, ranging from cloth simulation, inverse kinematics, to skinning (the process of attaching a surface onto an underlying skeleton), to using the shader graphics programming language.

Isabelle used those tools in state-of-the-art feature films, including The Matrix 2 and The Matrix 3, Alexander, and The Cell. She later applied her expertise at Embodee Corp., which she co-founded. As head of research and development for seven years, she helped to develop the company’s process for creating and modeling 3D digital apparel.

Isabelle received her Master of Art in 3D Computer Graphics from Université de Geneve in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ronda Closner

VP of Business Development

Ronda brings an amazing talent and energy to Intervisual. Her experience with early stage and growth stage startups makes her invaluable to the team. Her 17 year experience as President of Caymus Ventures gave her the experience in the financial requirements and deep connections necessary to launch and grow vibrant companies. During that time she raised venture funding for two funds (including New Meadows Venture Partners) and provided venture capital assistance to over 20 global companies which included two large successful exits (one to Oracle) and five acquisitions (two to BMC software).

She has co-invested with Silicon Valley, Boston and NY firms and worked with multiple angel networks.

Dorian Barnhart

Sales & Marketing

Dorian creates and implements sales and marketing programs that establish and maintain relationships with potential new customers, attract industry influencers, and build key strategic relationships for Intervisual’s products and services.

He’s led extensive market research of shoppers who have used the company’s virtual fit experience to identify their degree of satisfaction, including many on-camera interviews and social media campaigns.

Before joining the company’s executive team, Dorian was CEO and team leader of a 215 member sales team that closed more than $1 billion in revenue on an annual basis. He also has an extensive background as a performance coach for leadership and sales executives across many industries.

In 2014, Dorian served as president of the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors®, working as an advocate for its 7,500 members at the local, state, and national levels.

Dorian grew up in the Pacific Northwest and attended Portland State University.