We believe Finding clothes that fit should be easy.

That’s why we work so hard.

Every designer have a vision of style and fit. At Intervisual we have created an experience that comes from the same technology that powers video games and the special effects from Hollywood movies. We have taken all that power and expertise to make it amazingly simple to show you how clothes will fit a realistic body with your exact measurements.

We have collaborated with Body Labs to enhance Intervisual’s visual fit experience. Body Labs Blue is an AI and Machine learning based web interface which takes measurements of a person by it’s height and weight. It uses Graphical processing programs like Vulkan RunTime Libraries which is also used in computer systems for playing games. The interface will provide a virtual experience of how apparel fits on unique body shapes.

Truthfully most people don’t buy clothes online. It’s only around 10% of all shoppers online actually purchase the clothes they look at. The reason? They can’t imagine how the clothes will fit them – so they don’t buy. Now our solution lets them envision the exact clothes they intend to buy on a realistic 3D body.

No more ordering three sizes to get the right fit. All you need is a web-connected device and a few measurements.

We understand the way you feel when fit goes beyond any sizing chart.

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